Bok Bok puts the buyer first. Bok Bok does this not only with the versatility of the clothing, but their overall design factoring as well. From the shape of your personal figure, to the very color of the thread holding together each seam, and everything in between. This company started from one mans belief, Ande Burman, each individual should be given equal privileges within society. One afternoon in August 2016, Ande was walking out of a skate store in Steamboat Springs as he began inspecting his purchase and realized. “This piece of clothing was not worth my purchase.”

Ande then Made a few calls and got his hands on a sewing machine, within a week he was designing his own wardrobes and making sales of his clothing as he walked down the street. Best part, people will walk up to him and ask about the clothing first because it makes that much of a statement. As time progressed Ande realized he has the abilities to take this skill places not many have the ambition to go. Eventually Bok Bok will offer places for inner city youth and under privileged citizens to re-shape their futures in a better light that will help positively shape society. Bok Bok was created as a means to turn social labels in an uplifting stature. When you buy, you decide, meaning you won’t feel this rewarded from any other purchase. 

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